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House of Worship Breaking the Sound Barrier

Stockton Associates, Inc. has provided sound reinforcement to over 250 churches, schools, theaters and temples for over 30 years.

The staple of our business is our computerized sound system which virtually changes settings with one press of a button. For example, a worship space with a large congregation would press a button entitled "large crowd setting" and the system automatically adjusts to provide the exact amount of sound reinforcement needed.

Another convenient feature of the system is a "feedback button", where in the event of unwanted sounds or feedback, one would just press the button and the feedback disappears.

In addition to our sound design, we pay special attention to all visual details, carefully mounting all equipment and minimizing visual distractions.

Stockton Associates' other services include audio designs for the hearing impaired, choral recording services, lighting designs and finally, temporary systems for special events including video recording and distribution.

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