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Company Profile Breaking the Sound Barrier

Stockton Associates, Inc. has been serving the tri-state area in audio video design for over 30 years. Located in Clark, N.J., Stockton Associates' services runs the gamut from designing audio systems for churches, schools and theaters, to creating high tech editing systems for cable companies and advertising agencies.

Jerry Stockton, founder and president of Stockton Associates, Inc. earned his Ph.D. in engineering from Cornell University in 1979, and has never left the field. A truly dedicated person to his vocation, Jerry has built an up-close-and-personal relationship with his clients and has been known to make emergency service calls at midnight to repair problems.

Stockton Associates' services also include residential audio designs which Mr. Stockton has revolutionized through his user friendly approach to sophisticated sound systems, using only one remote control with no messy wires or bulky equipment.

Our company also bears the distinction of being a dealer for some of the finest audio equipment in the world: Tannoy, Sennheiser, Audio Technica and a host of others, making Stockton Associates, Inc. your full service audio/visual provider.

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